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At Count Me In Revival, we use our wisdom and experience to guide women like you, who have the caring, ambition, and courage to be the Founder of her own company.

We appreciate the decades of experience you have building a career, working for a boss, and raising a family. I understand the disconnect between these experiences and running a business. 

I started Count Me In when I turned 50 and have helped thousands of women build businesses that work for them. 

It is your turn to be the boss and change the world with your company. That is why we offer specially targeted workshops, courses for founders, expert coaching and a sisterhood to help you quickly build a solid foundation for your business and avoid costly rookie errors.

Believe in you, 

Nell Merlino
Founder & President 

Priority System 7

Step-by-Step System for Handling & Delegating Your Business Demands

The Benefits of Using Priority System 7


  • Manage your time without dropping the important tasks so you can have mental clarity.

  • Keep the feeling of being overwhelmed at bay.

  • Think strategically about the sequence and timing of important business decisions like new hires, new systems for production, marketing, orders, payroll, and client contracts.

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